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Why did I create a site for Harry Potter recommendations, you ask? Well, it's quite simple really. For one, I ADORE Harry Potter. I also like the large selection of fanfiction and fanart that's available, but sometimes there's a lot of horrible crap I have to sit through to find the real gold. Whether it's bad writers, artists, or just a really ugly site I can't stand, there will always be the classic treasures of fandom. Those treasures make the other stuff almost worth looking at (not to sound harsh, I just happen to be very picky).

I have been in this fandom for about five years (going on six) and writing in it for about three or four. Through this time I have found things that made me laugh my loudest, cry my hardest, and made me steeple my fingers with an evil chuckle. These are the pieces of fandom I wanted everyone to see so that they did not have to go all the trouble that I did to find them. This site is my personal tribute to Harry Potter, to our fandom, and to all its artists and writers who work hard to only give us quality work. Most of all, it is for the readers. The readers who search, who take time to read and examine, who review to help and contribute to our wonderful little world!

This site is my listing of the best of the best, who have really made a difference in the standards of our fiction and art. Some people may not agree with my taste, but that's okay because I can't help what I enjoy. If just one person found a story or piece of artwork that inspires them, that makes them pick up a pencil and begin their own adventure, then I know that all my hard work was worth it.



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